How to Watch the French Open 2019 Live Stream

The French Open 2019 Live is the second Grand Slam tennis tournament of the year again in 2019, and you can catch every moment of the action without ever turning on your television. All you need is a device like a PC, laptop, tablet, or phone, a high-speed internet connection and the right television streaming app.

With seven rounds played out over two weeks on the clay courts of Stade Roland-Garros in Paris, France, the French Open 2019 Live is widely thought of as one of the most demanding, and most exciting, tennis events for very good reasons.

NBC and the Tennis Channel have the broadcast rights in the United States, so cable and satellite subscribers can stream through official NBC Sports site, and everyone else can get in on the action through a streaming service like Hulu With Live TV or YouTube TV.

First Round: May 26, 11 AM CET
Women's Finals: June 8, 12 PM CET
Men's Finals: June 9, 12 PM CET
Location: Stade Roland Garros, Paris, France
Stream: NBC, Tennis Channel

How to Stream the French Open 2019 Live from NBC?

If you have a cable or satellite subscription, but you prefer to stream to your computer or laptop instead of watching on your television, you can use the NBC Sports live streaming website. This site provides free access to sports events that NBC has the rights to.

You can use the French Open 2019 Live streaming website on your Windows, MacOS or Linux computer or laptop, with any modern web browser, as long as you have a high-speed internet connection and a cable or satellite subscription.

When you visit the official NBC Sports site during the tournament, you may see what seems to be a free live stream of the current match. This is just a free preview, and it only lasts for a few minutes. If you want to lift the free trial video restriction, you need to log in through your cable or satellite provider or find someone who is willing to lend you their password.

Here’s how to stream the French Open through NBC Sports:

  1. Navigate to the NBC Sports French Open 2019 Live site. The player will load, and then the French Open live stream will activate as soon as the event goes live. When your free preview runs out, click CONTINUE.

  2. Select your cable or satellite provider.

  3. Log into your cable or satellite account.

  4. The live preview limit will be removed, and you’ll be able to stream the entire match.

How to Stream the French Open 2019 Through the Tennis Channel?

In addition to the matches that are broadcast by NBC, some of the French Open is broadcast by the Tennis Channel. This is a cable channel that’s widely available in basic cable and satellite packages, so if you pay for television, you may have access to it.

If you want to stream the French Open from the Tennis Channel, here’s how to do it:

  1. Navigate to, and click Sign in With TV Provider.

  2. Select your cable or satellite provider.

  3. Enter your cable or satellite account username and password, and click Sign In or Log In.

    Your login page may look a little different if you have a different television provider. Regardless of how the page is set up, you need to enter your username and password and log in.

  4. Return to the Tennis Channel site during the tournament, and you’ll be able to watch live coverage of the French Open.

Which Streaming Services Include the French Open 2019?

Cable and satellite subscribers can stream the French Open through NBC Sports and the Tennis Channel, but cord cutters don’t have that option. For cord cutters, the best way to stream the French Open is to use a television streaming service.

Television streaming services are a lot like cable and satellite television, and you can use them to watch live television just like cable and satellite. The difference is that instead of watching on your television through a cable or satellite provider, you stream the content through the internet. You can stream to your computer or laptop, tablet, phone, or even your television if you have the right device.

Since the French Open broadcasts on both NBC and the Tennis Channel, it’s important to select a service that includes both your local NBC station and the Tennis Channel.

These are the most popular streaming services that give you access to the French Open:

  • YouTube TV: This service has the second widest coverage for NBC, and it includes the Tennis Channel at no extra cost.
  • Sling TV: NBC is available in a handful of large markets through this service. You can also get the Tennis Channel with either Sling Orange or Sling Blue, but only if you pay for the Sports Extra package. The price is still good, so it’s worth checking out if your area is included.
  • fuboTV: This service focuses on sports-related channels, but NBC is only available in select markets. You also have to pay for the Sports Plus package to get the Tennis Channel, which makes this an expensive option.
    • You can get a free trial of fuboTV here.
  • PlayStation Vue: This service includes NBC in a lot of places, but it’s missing several key markets. It also includes the Tennis Channel, but only if you pay for one of the two most expensive packages.
  • DirecTV Now: You don’t need DirecTV to use this service, despite the name. It’s available to everyone in the United States, but it doesn’t offer NBC in every market. It also doesn’t offer the Tennis Channel.
  • Hulu with Live TV: NBC is available in most markets through this service, but it doesn’t include the Tennis Channel. If you want to watch every match, this isn’t a good option.
Each of these services offers some type of free trial, so this is a good way to stream the French Open for free.

Streaming the French Open on Mobile, Streaming Device and Consoles

In addition to streaming on your desktop computer or laptop, you can also use the same methods to stream the French Open on mobile devices, like phones and tablets. You can also watch on your television through streaming devices, like the Roku or Apple TV, as well as gaming consoles.

If you have a cable subscription, you can stream the French Open through the NBC Sports app. If you subscribe to a streaming service or sign up for a free trial, you’ll need to download the app for that specific service.

Here are the apps you’ll need to stream the French Open through NBC Sports or the Tennis Channel:

  • Android: NBC Sports, Tennis Channel
  • iOS: NBC Sports, Tennis Channel
  • Amazon devices: NBC Sports, Tennis Channel
  • Roku: NBC Sports, Tennis Channel
  • PS4: NBC Sports
  • Xbox One: NBC Sports
Each of the streaming services mentioned in the previous section also offers a selection of smartphone and streaming device apps.

Full 2019 French Open Schedule

The French Open is the second grand slam of the 2019 tennis calendar, so there’s a lot of action to catch throughout the tournament. It kicks off on May 26 with Round One and caps off with the Women’s Final on June 6 and the Men’s Final on June 7.

Here’s the full French Open schedule for 2019:

Date Event Time
May 26-28 First Round 11 AM CET
May 29-30 Second Round 11 AM CET
May 31-June1 Third Round 11 AM CET
June 2-3 Fourth Round 11 AM CET
June 4-5 Quarter Finals 11 AM CET
June 6 Women’s Semi-Finals 12 PM CET
June 7 Men’s Semi-Finals 12 PM CET
June 8 Women’s Finals 12 PM CET
June 9 Men’s Finals 12 PM CET
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