Hurd vs Williams Fight Live Stream & Preview | May 11, 2019

Hard saved his IBF and WB Super welterweight title in his Fairfax’s Eaglebank Arena in front of his fellow fans; Insufficient super lightweight contender Mario Barrios Juan joins the fight with José Velasco and co-feuds with Middleweight competitor Matt Korobov Imamweil Alim.

FAIRFAX, VA. – Unified and unexplained IBF and WBA154-Pound “Swift” Jarrett Hard Top Competitor Julian “J-Rock” will be Primetime boxing championship league in Ayotte Hardfox and Fox Defense on Saturday, May 11, Virginia Fairfax’s Eaglebank Arena.

Plus, a great Super Lightweight contestant Mario “El Azteca” Barriss Argentina’s Juan “Pitbull” José Velasco fought a 10-round fight and Middleweight competitor Matt Corbov clashed with Immanuel Alim as part of a 10-round television program. At 8pm PT / 5pm PT.

Tickets can be bought on Thursday, March 28 at 12 pm ET and

TBJ Promoting President Tom Brown said, “Jarrett has established himself as a breakout star in hard boxing and now he will be able to show his talent in front of his own promise.” “He will do a tough test of Julian Williams, because of the only defeat he has won after winning and showed that he is still in the elite category of the department, which is established as an excellent main event for the audience, primetime for enjoying Fox and Fox databases. Creates his first suburban title defense with ‘Swift’, eagle bank’s Nate the crowd to maintain a brutal environment. ”

Hood v. Williams started the journey to an incomplete world title as hungry fighters as young as two divisions in the best welterweight division.

Hood (23-0, 16 KOS) has already won two titles to win the heart-pounding among the most difficult sections of boxing. He started to stop Tony Harrison for the nine-round knot out to win the IBF title in Fox in 2017. He became the first person to stop former world champion, Austin Trout when he successfully defended the title with another victory. The 28-year-old eraser has won the WBA title after dropping Lara and finishing in finals with the consent of off-the-year in 2018 final.

Aquatic, Maryland, a resident of Hurde, will take Williams to the front and fight in front of his village fans and return to the war for the first time in the DC-Maryland-Virginia area in the prestigious region of DC in 2014. Recently, a last-minute fight against Jason Wellburn was a non-winner.

“I could not be happy to fight in the house for the first time as a champion,” said Hurd. “My city is asking me to get my championship back home and now I can do Julian Williams is a tough opponent and I do not see him as a stepping stone, he is tricky, technical and basically the word. I want to go out and get a decisive victory and It shows that everyone else is on a different level than the other. ”

Williams (26-1-1, 16 KOs) never came back from a challenge, and he returned to his second World Cup title shot. He has won four straight wins since losing the world championship match to Journal Charlo in 2016. This run was included on the former world champion Isha Smith and the competitor Nathaniel Galileo. Francis Javier Castro, 28, from Philadelphia, lost on 21 December.

Williams said, “Jarrett is a good, strong warrior who is really hot now,” said Williams. “This is a domestic fight for him, but not far away from Phillie Virginia. I look forward to placing an exciting fight for all Fox fans and most importantly to win these titles and look forward to showing me the best in the 154-pound section of the world.

Barrios (23-0-15 KOS) has become a bright super lightweight rival after starting at 130 pounds. San Antonio’s 5-foot-10 fighter in Texas has staged his stairs by stopping his last seven opponents, out of which Nike Nelson and Jose Luis Rodriguez won FS1. After winning his last fight against Richard Zamora on 9 February, he entered the war with Velasco.

Because of his aggressive style, Velasco (20-1, 12 KOs) chose “Pitbull” nickname at the beginning of his career. This 31-year-old resident of Argentine 31 years of Buenos Aires played well in his career. Get defeated only once. When he was stopped by Regis Progress on July 14, he suffered the first loss of his career in his last battle. He will try to take revenge against another growing barrister of Barrios.

36-year-old Korobov (28-2, 14 KOs) was defeated in a tough fight to win Jerome Charlotte Fox in the mid-length championship match on 22 December. He was late and gave Charles a tough fight than many experts. Expected. Although he came in a short time, even though Russian-born combatant who lives in St. Petersburg now Florida, he gave notice to other parts of the department that he is still threatening up to 160 pounds.

Aleem (28-1-1, 22 KOs) stepped up against Korobov when the ring was almost out for one year. In the last match of the 25-year-old May 19th June, Juan D’Angelo won a dramatic victory in the sixth round. Korbov presented a major challenge for Virginia, Richmond Aleem, who suffered the first loss of his career. In August 2017 FS1 was stopped by Hugo Centeno, Junior then followed the incredible career of the incredible Ivan Khatovov career.

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